Tiago Rodrigues

Tiago Rodrigues

About Me.

UI/UX Designer & Developer & Cibersecurity Specialist

I'm a passionate Web Developer with a relentless drive to explore new technologies and enhance my programming skills. My career aspiration is to expand my work experience and become an integral part of a collaborative team. I thrive on the challenges of web development and am eager to contribute my knowledge and expertise to create exceptional digital solutions.

Web security is a top priority for me. In today's ever-evolving digital landscape, ensuring the safety and integrity of web applications is non-negotiable. I'm committed to implementing robust security measures in my development work, continuously staying informed about emerging threats, and fortifying web applications against potential vulnerabilities.

Personal Information

  • Name Tiago Rodrigues
  • Age 26 Years
  • Residence Karlsruhe, Germany
  • Address Treitschkestra├če 6
  • Email info@tiagodevsolutions.com
  • Phone +49 176 46796891
  • Freelance Available


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